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Solar Butt Bangers Carp Fishing Swingers


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Solar Butt Bangers Carp Fishing Swingers

The adrenaline rush in carp fishing comes down to just one moment, when an indicator smacks into a rod butt and tries to drill a hole in your buzzer. Whether you're tucked up in a sleeping bag or more likely pouring a cup of tea, take time is the ultimate in excitement. Solar have always made the news when it comes to registering bites in style. From innovating the use of light reactive materials when monkeys and needles were all the rage, to the current range that hang, bang and even twang, we're the men with the tidiest toys you'll ever get your hands on.

The most popular bite indication system in use today there's not a carp lake you'll visit where Solar's little babies aren't on red alert to register the next bit of carpy interest. Precise, versatile and completely interchangeable, they're the most comprehensive indicators ever devised. Will they catch you any more carp than Richard Walker's beloved foil paper indicators? Probably not. But you sit looking at them hanging around for long enough to deserve a set that even sit still in style


Stainless Steel
bite indication system
Light reactive material

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