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Led Lenser XEO 19R Cube Pack

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Product Description

Led Lenser XEO 19R Cube Pack

For everyone with a love for extremes. Whether it be bikes, boards or skis: Finally there is a superlative high-end headlamp, the Led Lenser® XeO. This headlamp is fitted with a world innovation, two independently adjustable Led light cannons that live up to every challenge thrown at them.
The special feature: The Leds adapt individually to your performance. The faster you are, the brighter the headlamp lights. Offering up to an unbelievable 2000 Lumen of lighting power in Boost mode. And the Leds can also be individually focused. The light is optimally distributed at all times and tailored to your needs.
And the operation? Controlling high-end technology has never been easier. The 5-way switch is fitted with three power levels, an adjustable dimmer and emergency light. And the XeO isn't just a headlamp, it can also be handheld.

This Pack Comprises of:

1 x Led Lenser XEO 19R Headlamp

1 x Powerbox

1 x Neoprene Pouch

1 x Power Supply

1 x Extention Cord

1 x Safety Notice

1 x Quick User Guide



Two individually adjustable LED cannons
Advance Focus System and X-lens technology Pro
5-way switch with 6 light functions
Emergency Light and strobe
X-Lens technology
Speed Focus

Product Videos

LED LENSER® - The Winter Light: XEO 19R in 4K (Ultra HD) 02:15

The epic light When you're enjoying the moment so much that you forget the time, darkness can fall faster than you would want it to. Headlamps from Led Lenser® help to extend the daylight. Pack some light into your rucksack and take a trip! Our headlamps enable unique orientation up close and, above all, ensure your safety. LED LENSER®. The light. ---------------------- Das Unglaublicht Wenn du den Augenblick so genießt, dass du dabei die Zeit vergisst, kommt die Dunkelheit schneller, als dir lieb ist. Lampen von LED LENSER® verlängern das Tageslicht. Pack das Licht in deinen Rucksack und mach dich frei! Unsere Lampen ermöglichen eine einzigartige Orientierung im Nahbereich und schaffen vor allem eines: Sicherheit. LED LENSER®. Das Licht. Thanks to: - our Video artist Lars Schneider!

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    The epic light When you're enjoying the moment so much that ...