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Hunting Events Calendar 2017

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Discover the best hunting and shooting events across the UK in our 2017 events calendar. Keep an eye out for more exciting events to be added throughout the year.

Source:  Farmers Weekly                                                                                                      

The Game Fair 2017

Date: 28 th – 30th July

Venue: Hatfield House, Hertfordshire

Cost: From £22.50

The Game Fair is the annual gathering for those passionate about the Great British Countryside pursuit. Celebrating their 59 th year, this historic show is packed with well-known brands, local food and drink, and a comprehensive itinerary for the whole family.

For more information, and to book tickets click here.

The Highclere Country Show

Date: 28 th & 29th May

Venue: Highclere Castle, Berkshire

Cost: From £13

You may know this gorgeous location as the setting of ITVs Downton Abbey, but this May the Highclere country show will bring together some of the biggest names in hunting, vast activities, family entertainment, and plenty of food.

For more information, and to book tickets click here.

BASC Ladies Day 2017

Date: 24th March

Venue: Lake Vyrnwy Hotel & Spa

Cost: From £59

This event is open for women of all abilities to try their hand at a clay shooting and air gunning. There is also tea and cake, a two course lunch, and the fantastic opportunity to meet other women interested in the world of hunting.

For more information, and get tickets click here.

Royal Welsh Agricultural Society – Summer Show

Date: 24 th – 27th July

Venue: Royal Welsh Show Ground, Powys

Cost: From £24

This exciting three-day event is one of a kind. Not only are their crafts, local produce, and family fun readily available. There’s also the chance to have professional shooting advice from BASC, lessons from shooting simulators, test games and demonstrations.

For more information, and to get tickets click here.

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